March 09, 2012

Random thoughts

Amidst all the wars we have witnessed over the years gone by, why hasn't there ever been a war on poverty? A war that will truly bring peace to the world.

December 12, 2010

Brain Box

I just watched a documentary on National Geographic. It was about a troupe of American soldiers posted in Afghanistan. The film captured their last few days there. While watching the film, I couldn't help but feel for the locals that were caught in the cross fire between the Americans and the Taliban. These villagers are often accused of harboring weapons and ammunition for the rebellious militia in the area. The Americans came off as being fairly aggressive towards them; understandable when you consider the extreme conditions.

Its all part of a vicious cycle as that aggression may easily be used as fuel for the propaganda served up by the Taliban.

It would just be unfortunate for all their efforts to have been in vain at the back of some unwarranted aggression...

October 20, 2010

Public Molestation/Grope of CNN Reporter in Mumbai (Bombay) India

Women face such crimes in India everyday...the situation is fast becoming hopeless. The sexual frustration exhibited by these people obviously knows no bounds. God help the women of India....

September 28, 2010

Fanatical India

The link below will take you to a documentary detailing the Gujrat riots. Religious extremism still plays a huge art in mainland India. Politicians continue to prey on lesser minded Indians and polarize the nation on a regular basis. The tragic events that happened should act as an omen of what might materialize if these fanatics remain unchecked....

A simple Google search will reveal more information.

Remembering The Joker...

The pencil scene. Click on the link for video

January 13, 2010

Celebrity Infatuation

Celebrities are just people being broadcasted into our lives via the media. Let's try and not hang on every little word they say. I mean come on, all the stuff they come up with is scripted anyway. Do not try and draw parallels with characters on television shows. There, I've said my bit....

December 26, 2009

Movie Villians--Chapter 3--Castor Troy

This international criminal mastermind was, ahem... faced with a bone-chilling scenario one dark night. He awoke in a medical clinic after spending days in a coma following a dramatic gunfight with Sean Archer (John Travolta) and dozens of his fellow federal agents. Kept alive by the government, Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) discovered something that makes the "kidney removal" urban legends pale in comparison: someone had taken his face... off. *insert face removing gesture here*

In Face/Off, the truth was that Castor and his brother Pollux had planted a bomb somewhere in L.A. and only they knew its location and how to disarm it. With Castor seemingly a vegetable, Sean Archer entered a top-secret prison posing as Castor Troy, complete with surgical alterations and Castor's own face in place of his own. As soon as Archer uncovered the bomb's location from Pollux, his mission was complete. But that's when Castor Troy unexpectantly woke up...

Castor would undergo the same procedure Archer did, this time taking Archer's face and assuming his identity. As a top federal agent, "Sean Archer" would be unstoppable and hold significant power, taunting the real Archer and leading raids against his terrorist rivals; at one point, he even slept with Archer's own wife. As a notorious terrorist, "Castor Troy" would be locked away in prison forever. Until he breaks out, of course.

With murder, kidnapping, and many other forms of terrorism under his belt, Castor Troy was already a very clever and extremely aggressive sociopath, but having his face stolen truly put him over the edge. Castor had once tried to assassinate Archer, but accidentally killed Archer's son in the process. Castor couldn't understand why Archer would take things so personally, but he would when Archer dropped Castor's own brother from the top of a building to his death. Castor's ability to withstand pain and improvise in many deadly ways certainly makes him a vile entry on the Mofo scoreboard. But oddly enough, some people will only remember some of his most evil deeds... committed by Sean Archer.

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